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The easiest way to get exposure to digital assets
Automated Top-30 crypto portfolio outperforms Bitcoin
+ XX%
since January 2020
+ XX%
in the last 12 months
+ XX%
since January 2020
+ XX%
in the last 12 months
Note: Velvet.Capital does not provide financial advice, the solution only automates portfolio of cryptocurrencies on the user account as per user discretion. The chart and data are shown for illustrative purposes only as an example of an equally weighted portfolio of top-30 cryptocurrencies by trading volume started on 1 September 2019 and rebalanced monthly; user portfolio will differ depending on the start date. Past performance does not guarantee future returns, cryptocurrency is a highly volatile and risky asset, use the solution at your own risk.
How it works
Create an account
We recommend enabling 2-factor authentication for additional security
Deposit your crypto
You can deposit or buy crypto with your credit card or other payment systems
Click "Generate portfolio"
The algorithm will allocate your funds to the Top-30 most liquid cryptocurrencies
Keep it on "Autopilot"
Your portfolio will be rebalanced once a month to keep it diversified
Withdraw at any time
You can convert them back to BTC or USDT and withdraw at any time
Buy portfolios in one click
Focus on what maters – generate your portfolio and the algorithm will do the rest
Keep funds on the safest exchange
We use Binance, the world's largest and most secure exchanges, your funds are safely kept there
Enjoy automatic rebalancing
You don't need to do manual calculations and trade yourself – the portfolio is rebalanced automatically
Why Top-30 crypto portfolio
your returns
According to research by Yale economists, an optimal portfolio should include up to 6% allocation to crypto for diversification
Be a part of digital
We believe that the future lies with new advanced protocols serving unique use cases, your portfolio should be ready to capture that upside instead of betting only on Bitcoin
Benefit from early-stage exposure
According to Mark Cuban, the most prominent Silicon Valley investor, blockchain now is "like the early days of the Internet". Take advantage of early exposure to this new technology with a crypto portfolio
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Why was Velvet.Capital created?
We were young professionals who had a strong desire to diversify into crypto, but not the time to follow the dynamics of the crypto market or the drivers behind each protocol to make an informed decision. We couldn't find an easy-to-use solution to serve our needs, so we decided to create one ourselves.
    What is the minimum amount I can start with?
    The minimum amount required to use the portfolio is $500 USD. However, to fully take advantage of the diversification benefits, we recommend starting with at least $1,000 USD.
      How will I be charged for the service?
      Fees for the automated portfolio are charged monthly and calculated based on the following annualized rate:
      First $5,000 - 2%
      Any additional amount above $5,000, up to $10,000 - 1.5%
      Any additional amount above $10,000, up to $50,000 - 1%
      Any additional amount above $50,000, up to $100,000 - 0.6%
      Any additional amount above $100,000 - 0.5%
        What is rebalancing?
        Since the crypto market is dynamic and constantly changing, rebalancing helps ensure the portfolio continues to include only the top-30 most liquid cryptocurrencies (by selling off coins that drop out of the top 30, and adding those that newly enter the top 30).
        In addition, market movements can cause individual coins' weights in the portfolio to diverge from one another. Rebalancing helps bring the weights back in line and ensure the portfolio remains equally weighted across its 30 constituent coins.
          Where are the funds kept?
          We partner with Binance, the largest crypto exchange, and the funds are always kept there. We use encryption and additional features such as 2-factor authentication to make sure your account stays secure.
          What should I do if I have more questions?
          There are three easy options for getting in touch with us:
          1. Join our official telegram channel - @velvetcapital
          2. Use the chat button in the bottom right corner
          3. Email us at
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